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Who We Are

CyBrain is a cyber security management company serving public and private organizations particularly exposed to cyber risk and to IT risk in general.

Combining a deep knowledge of both business and technical domain, and thanks to the work of R&D by our laboratory, we help our Clients to efficiently face the fast-pacing evolution of threats scenarios that are typical of the whole ecosystem they operate in and to realize the crime trade-off between risk and investment.

Our Approach

The key point is starting from a business perspective, that requires to evaluate the company as a whole and to prioritize critical risks.
Our control models have 4 characteristics:

  • Built to prevent attacks, not just detecting them
  • Holistic approach on the whole service and not on single components
  • Check stakeholders that are not bound to be compliant to the company security policy
  • Test systems from a criminal perspective

Our Services

A Convergence Framework for IT Security Management

Solutions for either physical and logical environments, which merge togheter Management expertise and Technology evolution


Threat and Vulnerability Cyber Risk Assessment
Ethical Hacking and Digital Forensics


The design and development of tools which aim to empower Business Intelligence is a priority of our solutions


Our solutions helps improving Business Governance

Incident Management

Support of customers in Incident Response and Management with a responsive and expert team


Design and development of enterprise grade solutions for unconventional problems

R & D

Our Business Oriented Innovation Lab (BOIL) helps us satisfy the needs of the Business through the technology evolution

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CyBrain headquarters are located inside Villa Zileri, an historical villa designed by Carlo Borella,
enriched with the colours and brilliance of Giovan Battista Tiepolo's frescos.

Via Biron 102/5
36050, Monteviale (VI)
Italy email

+39 0444 965537

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